Testing for Mold in Tampa

Hot and humid weather never really does anyone any good, but as you’re about to find out, it’s not only for people, but for houses, too. Moisture can trigger mold infestations in houses. When that happens, you may find yourself with a health and safety issue that you could have avoided if you’d had your place tested for mold when the issue was first starting.

What do Tampa mold testing teams or experts do?

When you suspect that you may have mold in the house, a mold testing team can be hired to find out not only if you’re right, but also to see what’s infesting your house. They usually do this by taking samples of all the mold colonies they come across in your house, so they can have them tested in the laboratory, to see what kind of mold they are.

After that, they will send you a report on their findings, and then give you proposals on how you can deal with the mold infestation, and how you can avoid a reinfestation once it has been removed from your house.

When it comes to checking for experience and qualifications, do make sure that the testing team has the proper credentials or accreditation from a local organization.

What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungus, and visually, it looks like a mix between a fuzzy growth with a powdery one. They usually come in a range of colors, including black. They can be killed by ultraviolet light (which is the reason areas which are exposed to sunlight do not have mold), and they need a high-moisture environment to thrive in.

There are two main issues with mold, the first cone concerns its effects on human health. Many people are allergic to the spores themselves, and the allergic reaction can be anywhere from the classic runny nose and teary eyes, to a continuing effect similar to a cold as long as they are inside the house. In some cases, asthma-type symptoms can also happen. Other than that, some forms of mold are also very dangerous, having toxic substances that can have long-term health consequences for anyone who stays in the house. If you’re expecting children, or already have children, then mold spores can trigger dormant asthmatic sensitivities, and can render particularly sensitive children sick. Mold can also land on and thrive in food, so if it grows fast enough while food is left outside or even if it’s stored in the refrigerator, you can have a digestive issue if you eat what is then essentially spoiled food.

The second issue with mold is the fact that it eats away at organic material, albeit slowly. This can still be an issue, however, if the house is an old one that has many organic (wooden) parts, or if the infestation is already seriously all over the house. Mold can weaken wood, which is an issue if the wooden component is one of the load-bearing parts of the structure. Mold can also accelerate environmental factors for corroding metals and other organic materials.

How can you tell if you need to have your house tested for serious mold infestation?

There are many telltales when a mold infestation is getting the better of your house. Here are some tips that can help you decide if it’s time to be tested. Given the weather in Tampa, it’s a good idea of you can make sure of at least two of them.

Seeing and smelling 

Seeing and smelling – the first thing you should do is use your own senses to check out if you have mold all over your house. Visually, this means that you should be seeing the mold. It usually will be found sticking to furniture, walls, or even personal effects.

The second sense you should use is your sense of smell. Mold contributes a particularly earthy, organic, some even say outdoorsy, smell to the air inside a house. It should come as no surprise, too, that as more mold grows in the house, there will be more moisture. If you catch the mold infestation early, you can probably find the main colonies through the sense of smell.


If some people in the house are constantly having allergy attacks, like a runny nose, itchy eyes or sneezing, then most probably, there is mold in the house. If you even suspect that mold may be present with children, infants, or elderly relatives in the house, then you should have a mold testing team sent in immediately.

Old houses

Older houses are more susceptible to mold, thanks to the fact that old houses usually have a large amount of wood used in their construction. If you live in an old house, it may be a good idea to hire a Tampa mold testing team or expert regularly, so you can monitor the situation. Remember, mold can also affect structural integrity, something that is already a possible issue with older houses.

Legal and real estate concerns

Even if you don’t think that you need to have the house checked for mold, if you’re planning to sell it or buy it, it pays to know if there is really mold or not, as that may affect the price of the property. For landlord and tenants, it’s also important, particularly if there are maintenance and contract issues.

If you think that you need to have your house or property checked for mold, it’s a good idea to hire a Tampa mold testing expert or team.

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